Since ancient times, the use of cold has been popular for therapeutic and well-being purposes.
Cryo Booster imagined, designed and produce dbrand new products for immersion in cold water based on modern ice baths, fully customizable and economical.

Cryo Booster is a French company based in the suburb of Toulouse.
Thanks to its know-how, the Cryo Booster ice baths are innovative and new on the market of cryotherapy, meeting all customer’s requirements.

Manage usage: temperature adjustable by digital display and regulation down to the degree

Economical and quiet: usable 24 hours a day, low cost of production

Fully customizable: choice of bath color, logo, and lightings

Cryo Booster pays a great attention to its 100% French products quality and to its customer’s relations

The Cryo Booster team is at your disposal to answer all questions you may have.


Cryo Booster offers you three product ranges for different uses.


The ICE range is made up of inflatable baths along with their engines. These products are suitable either for using itinerantly or at a single place…


The MOUNTAIN range is the latest cryotherapy ice bath. They are available for 2, 4, and 6 people…


The SWIM range is made of a counter-current bathto be able to swim in a restricted area, based on a motorization releasinga slight resistance…

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